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Born in Cornwall Ontario Canada my family followed my fathers work construction, to Mississauga and Toronto, Ontario. My father worked on famous sites as the Cornwall Sea Way, the Commerce Court, and the CN Tower.


I sometimes like to say I was born under an oriental curse, "May your life be interesting."

Josehf is a Spanish spelling of Joseph, however that is not why my name is spelled with a hf. My parents screwed up the spelling when I was born. When people ask me why I don’t change my name to Joseph, I tell them I don’t in order to irritate my parents. After all, Why should I change my name to fix their mistake?

An odd story goes with my name, my grandfather was Joseph Lloyd Foubert and I was named after my grandfather. When he discovered the spelling mistake my grandfather kidnapped me and had me baptized Joseph so god would know who I was.


I write short stories and poetry for the love of writing. I started writing over thirty years ago when I was in high school, where I met my wife Mary Anne. We are the proud parents of two sons Joshua and Michael. May you enjoy reading my writing as much as I enjoyed writing it?



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